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Florida Man Arrested, Charged After Killing Sister Over Electricity Bill



Florida man kills sister over electricity bill

A deadly confrontation emerged last week in Florida, where a disagreement over an electricity bill escalated into a tragic event involving a brother and his two sisters.

As reported by WPLG Local News 10, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida disclosed that Rowby Severe confessed to the fatal incident involving his elder sister. The conflict arose from a disagreement over an electricity bill, leading the 37-year-old to employ a gun in a violent confrontation with his two sisters. Tragically, the altercation escalated, ultimately leading to the fatal shooting of his 40-year-old sibling, Magael Brown, who was struck in the head.

Following the incident, Severe promptly dialed 911 for assistance. Upon police arrival at their residence in Orange County’s Pine Hills Area on August 23, Brown was discovered deceased in a bedroom. Subsequently, her brother was taken into custody and was held in jail without the option for bail as of Thursday.

Severe currently faces charges of first-degree murder and aggravated battery, according to Orange County records. However, specific details regarding impending court dates and the potential duration of his sentence have not yet been disclosed.

Additional information from authorities revealed that the brother and sister had been grappling with ongoing problems in their relationship. Evidently, these issues were longstanding and appeared to be rooted in disputes over their late mother’s inheritance.

Court documents shed light on a history of legal battles surrounding the family home left by their mother. Brown was resolute in retaining the house, while her brother and another sister held differing viewpoints, leading to legal actions against each other.

Court records also underscored a history of domestic violence between the siblings, tracing back to at least January 2020. A previous incident involved an argument over a phone bill, with Brown accusing Severe of physical aggression and Severe countering by accusing her of forcibly grabbing his arm.


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