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Florida Man Obsessed With The UK Calls Himself ‘British Man’



A Florida man loves Britain’s culture and weather so much that he said he now “identifies” as a British man.

The vlogger, who goes by the name Tlo said he loves all things British — the food, the TV shows and even the weather, according to The Daily Record.

The man said he adores starting off his days with a “perfectly brewed cuppa” and a “homemade chip butty” (a sandwich filled with thick-cut, deep-fried potatoes) — while watching the British teen sitcom “The Inbetweeners.”

Tlo said his newfound love of British culture started at the beginning of the year when his online U.K. followers started suggesting snacks for him to try.

His first dip into British cuisine started with beans and cheese on toast — and he’s never looked back, the news outlet noted.

Tlo said he found a British food store on the outskirts of Miami, to help feed his obsession.


The American blogger Tlo loves Britain’s culture and weather so much that he now “identifies” as a British man.

“I feel like I have almost passed away and [gone] to heaven,” he said.

Tlo said he’s only visited the shop once but was able to buy enough items to keep him going for several weeks.

He added that he’s been researching U.K.-themed pubs, bars and stores in the Florida area and is planning on visiting the U.K. soon.

“I have a few things in mind. I want to visit subscribers at their homes and have their favorite meals” — adding that he wants to “try a lot of authentic stuff that can’t be replicated in the USA.”


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