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‘Thugs And Criminals!’: Trump Goes On Raging Tirade Against Law Enforcement As He Returns To The US



Donald Trump

Donald Trump launched into a wild tirade on Truth Social against US law enforcement agencies and slamming prosecutors as “thugs and criminals” who use “full Gestapo force” to shut down opposition and Interfere in our Elections.”

“The leaking coming out of the Special “Prosecutors” Office and DOJ is unparalleled, and illegal,” Trump wrote. “THEY ARE LEAKING EVERYTHING, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME OR GUARDRAILS.”

He added: “These people are thugs and criminals who allow ANTIFA & BLM to thrive and flourish, but who use full Gestapo force to shut down opposition and Interfere in our Elections. which is what this BULL…. is all about!”

Minutes later he claimed once again that only he “can fix” the country.

“Many people are saying, about me, ‘I ALONE CAN FIX IT,'” Trump wrote. “Thank you – You will be very happy!!!

Trump’s tirade came a day after posting on Thursday that he is “going into the heart of Enemy territory” as he prepared to return to the US.