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FAIL: GOP Star Witness Against Biden Leaves Them Empty-Handed



Rep. Jim Jordan
Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, of Ohio. (Photo: Congressional Archive)

In a highly anticipated two-hour testimony, a former associate of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, failed to provide any incriminating evidence against President Joe Biden, according to Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.). Republicans had hoped that Archer’s interview would establish a link between Hunter Biden’s business dealings and allegations of corruption involving the president.

Despite the intense questioning in a Capitol office building, Rep. Goldman informed reporters that there were no smoking guns to be found. “I think it is safe to say that after yet another two hours, there is no connection of any of Hunter Biden’s business dealings with President Biden,” Goldman stated.

Archer, who had partnered in business with the president’s son, maintained that he never witnessed any discussions about business matters between Hunter Biden and his father. However, he did describe instances of the Bidens engaging in casual conversations on speakerphone with other business partners present.

“The witness indicated that Hunter spoke to his father every day, and approximately 20 times over the course of a 10-year relationship, Hunter may have put his father on the phone with any number of different people, and they never once spoke about any business dealings,” Goldman elaborated. “As he described it, it was all casual conversation, niceties, the weather, what’s going on. It wasn’t a single conversation about any of the business dealings Hunter had.”

The House Republicans, who have been vocal in their pursuit of evidence against the President, have yet to produce any concrete results. Archer’s testimony failed to support their claims, as even their own witnesses seem to debunk their allegations.

Despite the Republicans’ attempts to establish a connection between the Bidens and alleged corruption, Archer’s testimony denied any knowledge of $5 million payments to the Bidens. He suggested that Hunter Biden was merely “selling the illusion of access to his father” rather than offering any tangible business connections.

While the interview was deemed “productive” by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), he refrained from divulging any specifics. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.), who has been leading the Republican investigation into what some lawmakers refer to as “the Biden Crime Family,” had previously hoped Archer would reveal the truth about Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings. However, Archer’s testimony appeared to fall short of their expectations.

Archer, who was sentenced to a year in prison for an unrelated fake investment scheme, remains free while appealing his sentence. The recent request by the Justice Department for him to surrender did not hinder his testimony, disproving allegations made by some Republicans.


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