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Don Jr. Exposed After Racist Emails Come To Light



Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. (CNN)

Donald Trump Jr. is getting unwanted attention after The Wall Street Journal reported that a judge is considering the release of “offensive” emails that reportedly include disparaging comments about Jews and Mexicans.

According to WSJ, the emails were written between Don Jr., his good friend Gentry Beach, and other businessmen.

In the email exchange, Trump Jr. complained about Mexicans coming to the U.S. writing that his friend should “Encourage the Mexicans to come to the US and give them another excuse to not learn English. When I have to speak to my grandchildren in Spanish, at least I know I will have you to thank.”

Beach responded by saying he would send his son to the border with weapons.

“We’re going to stop this wetback issue dead in its tracks,” Beach wrote.

“Tomorrow night we’re having jews for dinner,” Beach said in one email sent to Trump Jr. from Beach’s account. “That’s kosher, right?”

In another exchange, after Beach moved to upper Manhattan, Trump Jr. referred to the area as Harlem.

“I hear the theme song of the Jeffersons playing in the background,” he wrote.

Trump Jr. was identified as the sender when that email exchange was read in court.

The messages came to light thanks to a retrial in the hedge fund case. According to WSJ, “The emails were part of a new legal defense by the hedge fund, which argued that the messages bolstered its arguments that Beach was disloyal to his employer and exposed the company to reputational harm, and so shouldn’t be compensated.”

“The fund said the offensive messages could have been seen by financial regulators and potential clients. Other individuals on the email chains worked at major institutions, the lawyers said. “Many of these investors, such as pension funds and publicly traded corporations, are rigorously focused on the integrity of the investment professionals that manage their assets,” they wrote in a January filing.


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