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Desperate Ukrainian Mom Says Russian Forces Told Her To Pay Ramson Or They Will Execute Her Son On Camera



Alexey Novikova

A desperate mother from Mariupol, Ukraine, is faced with an agonizing ordeal. Russian troops have told her to pay around $5,350 to Russian troops by Monday or her son Alexey will be executed on camera, The Daily Beast reported.

According to the news outlet, Olga Novikova said she learned of her son’s capture in Mariupol through a message from her son’s Facebook account asking for her Telegram phone number. Someone then called her on Sunday night via her son’s Facebook messenger account purporting to be a Russian soldier, she says.

Novikova, who is well known in her native Ukraine, posted details of the Russian threat in a since-deleted Facebook post-Sunday evening. They told her she had 15 minutes to make an offer to free her son. “If you make an offer that interests us, we’ll let your son live; if not, we’ll shoot him,” she said they told her.

Mikhail Podolyak, an advisor to President Zelensky, shared the video of the boy being questioned by the Russians on Twitter and said this was the “behavior of terrorists.”

“The Russian military is increasingly reminiscent of ISIS militants. Russia should be recognized as a terrorist state,” he said, according to The Daily Beast.

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