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CNN Reporter Perplexed After Mike Lindell Shows Him ‘Completely Ridiculous’ Evidence That China Manipulated Votes



Mike Lindell CNN Interview

During an interview aired on CNN Thursday, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell showed reporter Drew Griffin what he called “bombshell evidence of voter fraud.” However, his evidence was just “nonsense.”

Lindell handed Griffin a document, showing generic metadata, that he claimed was his proof that the Chinese government had interfered to illegitimately elect President Joe Biden last year. But the documents simply show that Lindell has no idea how voting or computer metadata works

Griffin showed the document to cybersecurity experts, however, and they all said they had no idea what Lindell believed the document proved.

“What is this?” asked a baffled Griffin.

“That’s just one piece of 1.2 billion lines of data from the election, OK?” Lindell replied. “Within that will be timestamps when it happened, there’ll be flips in there.”

“We sent this to our experts,” Griffin replied. “They said that it doesn’t show any specific actions of any kind, election-related or not, and it’s proof of nothing.”

“OK,” said a defensive Lindell. “He said that’s nothing, huh? Then you didn’t hire a cyber expert.”

In fact, Griffin said CNN talked with nine top cybersecurity experts, all of whom said Lindell’s document proved nothing, and one of whom called Lindell’s claims “completely ridiculous.”

Watch the video below.