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CNN Host Slams ‘State TV’ Fox News After Laura Ingraham Claims ABC Trump Town Hall Was An ‘Ambush’



Donald Trump took part in an ABC News town hall event in Philadelphia on Tuesday where he answered questions from U.S. voters. The event wasn’t a good look for Trump and many of his supporters, including Fox News host Laura Ingraham, believed it to be an “ambush.”

On Wednesday, CNN host John King fired back at Ingraham’s comments by calling Fox News a “state TV.”

“On Fox News, Laura Ingraham called this an ‘ambush’ by ABC,” King told reporter Josh Dawsey. “Yeah, ABC put the president of the United States, the leader of democracy, in a room with voters — where he had to answer questions from his citizens. I guess Fox News considers that an ambush. Does the Trump campaign think they should do more of this or, after last night, keep him away from voters?”

Dawsey responded that Trump’s campaign is trying to “reintroduce him to voters in different scenes” and “draw a contrast with Joe Biden” — adding, “I don’t think the advisers that I talked to around the president necessarily saw it as an ambush or a bad evening, even though his answers on coronavirus were not particularly helpful to the president…. The ambush sentiment that you mentioned is not one that I heard commonly cheered in Trumpworld.”

King interjected, “Just on state TV, not from Trumpland itself.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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