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Christian Pastor Who Mocked AIDS Deaths And Pushed Vaccine Conspiracy Theories Dies From COVID



pastor Bob Enyart

Bob Enyart, a Colorado pastor who became infamous for reading obituaries from people who died of AIDS while playing the Queen song “Another One Bites the Dust” and spread vaccine conspiracy theories on his radio show has died from COVID-19.

After contracting the virus, Enyart ended up in the hospital after caring for his wife with the virus, and he lasted less than two weeks with the disease. Now he’s the one who is gone.

The announcement was made by Real Science Radio co-host Fred Williams, the FriendlyAtheist reported. Williams posted the news on Facebook.

He was “one of the smartest, and without question the wisest person I’ve known,” said Williams.

Enyart not only refused to get a COVID vaccine, he believed a false conspiracy theory that researchers “tested these three products [vaccines] on the cells of aborted babies.” Testing vaccines on anything dead wouldn’t work because there would be no blood to deliver the vaccine to the system.