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Awful, Terrible, Horrible Human Being Rand Paul Trashed For Opposing Healthcare For Veterans



Rand Paul

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday night passed the Honoring Our PACT Act in an 86-11 vote, expanding health care for 3.5 million of America’s veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits in the post 9/11-era.

The bill also covers health benefits for other veterans exposed to chemicals, such as Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, during their military service.

Republicans came under tremendous pressure to shift from veterans who were camped out on the U.S. Capitol steps. Those veterans had a high-profile ally in Jon Stewart, the former “Daily Show” host, whose media blitz sent a number of Republicans scrambling to safe face and vote for the bill.

But 11 GOP senators still voted against the package on final passage. One of those senators was Rand Paul (R-Ky).

Shortly before the Senate voted, Paul railed against the bill, saying that it would put the economy at risk. he also suggested that veterans are lying about having respiratory illnesses so they could receive lifesaving healthcare.

His comments were met with disdain by social media users who proceeded to drag him across the internet. Check some of the reactions below: