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Josh Hawley Buried In Scorn For Rejecting Sweden And Finland’s NATO Bids



Josh Hawley

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted 95-1 to ratify Sweden and Finland’s bid for NATO membership. Republican Sen. Josh Hawley Hawley, of Missouri, was the sole “no” vote.

In the past, Finland and Sweden have often remained neutral regarding the tension between Russia and NATO. However, following Vladimir Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the two countries moved toward the military alliance.

Hawley delivered a speech on the Senate floor explaining why he voted against the Scandinavian countries joining NATO. The video has gone viral on social media.

“The Senate will vote today whether to expand NATO by admitting Finland and Sweden,” Hawley said. “I intend to vote no and I encourage my colleagues to do the same and I want to say a word or two as to why.

“Finland and Sweden want to expand NATO because it is in their national security interest to do so—and fair enough.

“The question that should properly be before us, however, is: is it in the United States’ interest to do so? Because that is what American foreign policy is supposed to be about, I thought.

Hawley argued that America should be more concerned about China than Russia. The expansion of NATO would also result in more money being sent to Europe, he said.

His vote was harshly criticized across party lines.

Watch Hawley’s speech and some of the reactions below: