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Chris Wallace Can’t Contain His Glee While Reporting Alex Jones’ Reaction To Courtroom Bombshells



Chris Wallace Mocks Alex Jones

This week, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones received a nasty surprise when it was revealed that his attorney inadvertently gave all of his cell phone data over to opposing counsel, and CNN political analyst Chris Wallace was more than happy to report the panicked look on Jones’ face after he learned about the mishap.

During a segment about discussing the Jones trial, Wallace called the InfoWars founder “a bad guy” and pointed to a significant moment in this week’s hearings where the attorney representing the Sandy Hook families dropped a bombshell on his lap.

“As part of the discovery, Jones was supposed to say, did you mention Sandy Hook in any of your texts and he said, ‘No, I didn’t,'” Wallace explained. “And now it turns out that his lawyer inadvertently sent two years of texts, filled with Sandy Hook references, to the plaintiff!”

“He’s been confronted with the fact that his lawyer messed up and put two years of texts, gave them to the other side,” Wallace said. “And he’s literally sweating bullets! There is sweat running into his eyes!”

Watch the video below from CNN: