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Audio From Trump’s ‘Unhinged’ Phone Call With U.S. Leaders Has Been Leaked: Listen



Donald Trump held a teleconference call with governors and mayors from across the nation on Monday where he went on an unhinged rant, calling most of them “weak.”

CNN was able to obtain an audio clip from the call.

The president also said of New York City protests, “They took over the police department. Police were running down with sirens and they — I have never seen anything like it, and the whole world was laughing…. All of a sudden, and I said you got to use the National Guard. And they did.”

Trump also said, “I live in Manhattan. What’s going on in Manhattan?…. I don’t what’s going on in Manhattan, but it’s terrible, it is terrible…. Because it’s Manhattan, it gets a lot of press.”

Listen to the audio clip below:

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