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Attorney For Controversial Pastor Now Has COVID-19 After Attending His Client’s Service



Louisiana pastor Tony Spell has been under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. This week he even urged people to use their stimulus checks to donate to the church instead of using it for their own necessities.

Spell has also encouraged people to attend his church services despite orders of social distancing, claiming that “death is a welcomed friend.”

On Thursday, TMZ reported that the lawyer for Spell has been infected with coronavirus and is suffering from pneumonia.

“Jeff Wittenbrink tells TMZ he was admitted Tuesday to Baton Rouge Medical Center with the virus after his condition worsened over the weekend. In addition to pneumonia, he’s battling a high fever and persistent cough,” said the report. “Wittenbrink attended two services at Pastor Spell’s Life Tabernacle Church on April 2 and April 5, which was Palm Sunday. He tells us he shook hands with the controversial pastor that day, but added Spell sanitized his hands immediately afterward. Wittenbrink says Spell does that after he shakes hands with everyone.”

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