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Louisiana Pastor Urges Christians To Send Their Stimulus Checks To Churches Instead Of Buying Food



Prominent Louisiana pastor Tony Spell has started a campaign called “#PastorSpellStimulusChallenge” in which followers are encouraged to send relief money they’ve received from the government as part of the federal stimulus package to churches instead of using it to pay for food, TMZ reports.

In a video posted online, Spell claims that he and his wife are both donating their personal checks to churches in need, although he did not initially offer proof of doing so.

“His challenge also doesn’t seem to consider many people are in desperate need of their stimulus money for food, rent or bills,” notes TMZ.

Spell has come under fire in recent weeks after he defied bans on large-scale gatherings by holding packed services in his church during the COVID-19 pandemic, telling his followers not to be afraid of dying from the virus because “death is a welcomed friend” for true believers.

Watch the video below.

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