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Anti-Maskers Hauled To Jail For Assaulting Shop Owner Who Asked Them To Leave Her Business




An anti-mask couple from Eugene, Oregon is facing assault charges after entering a cookie store carrying a camera phone with the intention of capturing their protest on video, which provoked an altercation with the shop owner.

The video shows Ricki Collin, 34, and Amy Hall, 45, entering the store and immediately confronting the owner over COVID-19 precautions, The News&Observer reported.

The business owner asked them to leave her store, warning them that they were trespassing. But things escalated when one of the anti-maskers pushed the store owner, prompting her to retrieve a bat and a fight ensued.

The female protester forcefully took the bat from the store owner and shouted “You don’t get to f—— assault people and run a business.”

Minutes later, the protesters called the police hoping to have the store owner arrested, but when police showed up, it was Collin and Hall who were taken to jail.

Watch the video below:

Read it on The News&Observer.