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Anti-Mask Passenger Facing 20 Years In Prison After Assaulting Delta Crew, Mooning Fight Attendant

An anti-mask Delta passenger is facing up to 20 years in prison after taking his disagreement with the US mask…

Carl Anthony 3 Min Read

Virginia Woman Arrested For Threatening To Bring ‘All Her Guns Loaded And Ready’ To School Over Mask Mandate

A Virginia woman was arrested on Friday after threatening to bring loaded guns to school during a school board meeting…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

Anti-Maskers Hauled To Jail For Assaulting Shop Owner Who Asked Them To Leave Her Business

An anti-mask couple from Eugene, Oregon is facing assault charges after entering a cookie store carrying a camera phone with…

Carl Anthony 1 Min Read

Restaurant Patrons Won’t Take Crap From Angry Anti-Masker

A video has emerged online showing the moment a man was knocked to the floor with a punch to the…

Carl Anthony 1 Min Read

Unhinged ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Rages At School Officials In Wild Rant Over Mask Mandate: ‘I’d Rather See This School In Ashes!’

An anti-mask woman launched a furious anti-mask tirade in which she accused local school officials of trying to "suffocate" children…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

Connecticut Gov. Rushed To His Car After Angry Anti-Maskers Chase Him From School Meeting Over Mask Mandate

This week, a group of angry anti-vaccine parents interrupted a school meeting in Cheshire and confronted Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont,…

Carl Anthony 4 Min Read
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