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Airport Employee Calls Police On Ted Cruz For Turning Belligerent Before Departure



Ted Cruz confronted by Police

A video posted online Sunday appears to show Texas senator Ted Cruz (R) being confronted by law enforcement at Bozeman International Airport before leaving Montana.

Police were called after Cruz became belligerent and started arguing with an airline employee, a video posted to Reddit says, according to Raw Story reporter Bob Brigham.

Brigham, who confirmed that this is Bozeman airport, also explained that “there are frequently Republican fundraisers at the Yellowstone Club and Big Sky. It’s nearing the weekend of Spring Break, so it’s possible that flights were full or the weather stopped some flights out of the city.”

As noted by the outlet, “many flocked to ridicule Cruz for the encounter, with some referencing his flight to Cancún, saying that because it was snowing in Bozeman he was fleeing the area.” Raw Story also reported that it has reached out to Cruz to confirm if it was him in the video and what the problem was at the airport.

Watch the footage below:

Read it at Raw Story.