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8 People Shot After Argument Breaks Out At Texas Car Wash



fort worth shooting

Eight people got shot after an argument between two men at a car wash in a car wash located near downtown Fort Worth, Texas on Sunday.

The victims were rushed to the hospital and are in stable condition thanks in part to life-saving measures taken by police officers, The Dallas Morning News reports.

According to the news outlet, as two men argued, another person reportedly left, found a gun and returned, opening fire. Multiple people in the area then responded by returning fire.

“This is an extremely tragic event on what is supposed to be a festive occasion on Independence Day,” Police Chief Neil Noakes said. “We’re seeing way too much gun violence across the nation. We’re seeing it in Fort Worth.”

No suspects have been identified. One juvenile girl was also injured when a car hit her as she was fleeing the scene.

It is unknown if the original shooter was also hit by gunfire. Most of the victims appear to have been innocent bystanders, according to the newspaper.

“There may be some lives that were saved because of the actions of our Fort Worth police officers who were out here,” Noakes said.