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‘You Don’t Belong Here’: Angry White Man Threatens To Get Black Teens Arrested After Following Them To Their Home



Things got out of hand after a white Florida man followed a group of black teenagers to their home and threatened to call the police on them while claiming they didn’t belong there.

According to The Palm Beach Post, Breonna Nelson-Hicks, 15, and her friends captured footage of the man after he followed them home while they were riding a golf cart in the neighborhood.

That’s when the man began following them in his car and started yelling at them. At that point, Nelson-Hicks’ friend took out her cellphone and began recording.

“I don’t care if you take my picture … because you don’t belong in this development,” the man can be heard saying in the video.

Nelson-Hicks then assured the man that she did in fact live there.

“OK, I’m going to call the gate and have you all arrested,” the man said, adding, “You do not deserve to be in here.”

At that point, Nelson-Hicks went into her home and brought her grandfather out.

“Yeah, bring him out right now, bring him out right now,” the man said, later accusing the teens of “driving illegally.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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