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Woman’s Home Almost Destroyed After Refrigerator Explodes



Let’s face it, it’s a major inconvenience when your refrigerator stops working and all your food spoils, but that’s small potatoes next to what happened to one woman whose fridge exploded, causing extensive damage to her home.

Video of the aftermath shows the destruction throughout her home. You can see the outside shell of the appliance still in its place, with everything inside of it scattered all over her kitchen. The force was so great, it damaged her stove, walls, and furniture (see it below).

“I was on the computer, I thought it was an earthquake it was so loud and I came in and the doors were on the floor,” said refrigerator owner Lenore Satterthwaite, who 911 right away and firefighters responded.

Satterthwaite said she just bought the Frigidaire refrigerator last fall. Just days before it exploded, she said Frigidaire sent a technician to her home after she requested a warranty repair since the refrigerator was making a loud noise.

“He said this is your problem, he had the freezer part all apart. He said the fan isn’t working properly to keep the temperature regulated so he had to order a fan,” Satterthwaite said.

But just days later, before the repair could happen, her refrigerator exploded. Satterthwaite’s homeowners insurance covered the cost of the damage.

Satterthwaite said she’s thankful no one was in the kitchen when it happened.

“I hate for someone to go through what I’m going through, I could have gotten seriously hurt,” She said.

Watch the report below from CBS Sacramento:


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