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White Cop Investigated After ‘Disturbing’ Footage Captures Him Beating Unarmed Black Woman



A white sheriff’s deputy is now under investigation after he was caught on camera punching and beating a black woman in Michigan.

According to, deputies from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of a shooting in Ypsilanti Township when things got out of hand.

According to the report, police claim that they had formed a perimeter to keep residents away from a potential shooter but Sha’Teiny Grady El and her husband, Dan Grady El, began “obstructing” deputies.

A video from across the street captured the incident when an unnamed officer began shoving and punching Sha’Teiny as bystanders begged him to stop.

“That is f—ed up! He was striking her in her face!” a woman says on the video.

The recording also shows another deputy tasing Dan.

The incident is now being investigated. Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton called the incident “disturbing.”

“There is absolutely no doubt, and no argument from me, that the images in the video are disturbing,” he said. “It warrants a complete investigation.”

According to Clayton, the officer who punched Sha’Teiny was placed on paid administrative leave.

Other deputies involved were also placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.

You can see the incident in the video clip below:

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