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WH Staffers Are Already Looking For New Jobs As Trump Refuses To Accept Election Results



Donald Trump and his fans have yet to accept that he lost the election, and by a large margin. But that doesn’t mean that his White House staffers aren’t aware of reality.

According to The Independent, White House officials are already looking for new jobs.

Making the appointees’ job searches more fraught, they risk being “fired or blacklisted by Trumpworld” thanks to threats from White House officials forbidding them to search for new jobs.

“You have a mix of staffers quietly looking or kind of feeling it out,” a top K Street official told The Independent. “There are just a bunch of people that haven’t reached out who normally would have [to help themselves] at this point… It’s a concern shared by everybody who wants to help these folks.”

According to the official, Trumpworld’s insistence that staffers toe the line when it comes to the ‘stolen election’ rhetoric, “making it harder for the more experienced ones to assist their junior colleagues in finding the next steps on the Washington career ladder,” The Independent reports.

“Political winds shift all the time around here, but the unfortunate part for those poor people — especially the more junior and mid-level folks who are really going to struggle to get a job — is that you’ve got to start early because these things fill up, especially on Capitol Hill where Republicans actually made some gains and they would have had some opportunities,” the official said.

You can read the full report HERE.

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