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WH Press Secretary Lashes Out At Reporter Who Asks How Trump Will ‘Override’ Governors: ‘You’re Posing A Hypothetical’



White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had trouble answering reporters on Friday when one of them asked how exactly would Donald Trump “override” governors who will not open churches by this weekend.

MSNBC’s Kristen Welker brought up the question after the Trump administration sent out mixed signals over places of worship opening this weekend.

Trump claimed that he would “override” governors who don’t open churches this weekend. But coronavirus task force member Dr. Birx encouraged certain areas in the country to keep their places of worship closed for the time being.

“So which is it, and why the mixed messaging?” Welker asked.

McEnany said that places of worship have a “pretty clear path” to reopen thanks to guidelines that Dr. Birx helped create.

That’s when Welker asked, “under what authority” can Trump override governors.

According to McEnany, Welker was “posing a hypothetical” by asking that question, despite using Trump’s own words.

McEnany later implied the reporters in the room were anti-religious, claiming they “desperately” wanted places of worship to stay closed.

“I object to that,” Reuters reporter Jeff Mason shot back.

Take a look at the altercation in the video clip below:

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