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‘Lindsey Must Go’: New Ad Urges Voters To Get Lindsey Graham Out, Brutally Uses His Own Words Against Him



Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who has become Donald Trump’s puppet in the Senate, was once against the president and publicly showed it. He expressed how much he disapproved of Trump on multiple occasions.

But after Trump got elected president, everything changed for Graham. He decided that getting reelected was more important to him than the people who elected him.

He chose to praise Trump because it would make his chances at reelection higher. He bowed down to the president without questioning his actions.

And so, a group by the name of “Lindsey Must Go” launched an ad campaign with the sole purpose of getting Graham out of office in November.

The group released an ad showing Graham’s hypocrisy.

“Here at Lindsey Must Go, we are solely focused on ONE goal: kicking Lindsey Graham out of the Senate,” the group wrote as a description to the video. “Every dollar you donate goes toward that mission and will help target voters on the airwaves, online and on the phone to defeat Lindsey.”

You can see the ad in the video clip below:

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