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WH Chief Of Staff Slams FBI Director For Debunking Trump’s Claim Of Voter Fraud



During an appearance on CBS on Friday, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Friday criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray over his testimony to Congress that he has not seen evidence of widespread voter fraud as President Donald Trump has claimed.

“With all due respect to Director Wray, he has a hard time finding emails in his own FBI let alone figuring out whether there is any kind of voter fraud,” Meadows said during the interview.

“This is a very different case,” he continued. “The rules are being changed and so what I’m suggesting is, perhaps he can drill down on the investigation that just started, others that we’re seeing in North Carolina and other places where multiple ballots, duplicate ballots, are being sent out. Perhaps he needs to get involved on the ground and he would change his testimony on Capitol Hill.”

Wray’s testimony on Thursday undercut President Trump’s assertion that an expansion of mail-in voting during the 2020 election would invite widespread fraud into the election. Experts say there is not evidence of meaningful voter fraud in mail-in voting.

Meadows’s remarks came during an exchange where he defended Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses in 2020 as he tries to cast doubt on the result of the election to force the Supreme Court to declare him the winner.