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‘We’re Going To Have To Leave It There’: Fox News Abruptly Ends Segment After Guest Destroys Fake ‘Obamagate’ Scandal



On Sunday, Donald Trump signaled a new strategy in his never-ending plot to distract the public from his own failures: create a fake scandal about former President Barack Obama by tweeting “OBAMAGATE.”

Trump’s tweet came after Obama reportedly criticized his disastrous coronavirus response William Barr’s interference in the Mike Flynn case.

But Trump can’t pull off this made-up “scandal” by himself, of course, but he has a partner. Fox News.

Trump and Fox News are hawking this fake scandal-du-jour in an attempt to deflect from the 81,796 and growing coronavirus deaths, but if you ask them to define what Obamagate is, or what crime President Barack Obama committed, they can’t. President Trump was asked to Monday afternoon and was unable to explain it, except to tell a reporter, “You know what the crime is, the crime is very obvious to everybody.”

On Monday night, however, the right-wing network hit a snag when host Shannon Bream tried to push the “Obamagate” scandal on behalf of Trump.

Bream hosted attorney Bradley P. Moss, who represents intelligence community clients, including whistleblowers, and is deputy executive director of the James Madison Project. It did not go well for Fox News.

“I’m sitting here trying to figure out what exactly constitutional deprivation there was? What is the crime that people think Barack Obama and Joe Biden are going to be prosecuted under?” Moss posited.

“To be clear, and this is using the words of President Trump and his lawyers over the last three years, any sitting president can get any classified information they want. According to Donald Trump they can launch any investigation they want, they can tell the FBI only to pursue particular individuals, This is not me saying it, this is Donald Trump saying it for three years.”

“This was their argument during the Mueller probe. This was their argument during the impeachment investigation, that the President has this kind of authority,” Moss continued.

“So what did we find out? That Barack Obama was aware about intelligence intercepts on the Russian Ambassador when he was talking with General Flynn? That there had just been an attack on our election a couple months earlier, that we were still dealing with the fallout of Russian election interference in 2016? There was concern about a counterintelligence problem with Michael Flynn and they had a discussion?”

“I’m shocked,” Moss said, sarcastically. “I can’t believe they had that conversation.”

“What is the crime?” he added, destroying the entire fake Obamagate scandal in just four words.

Bream appeared a bit stunned by Moss’s analysis and quicky ended the segment.

“Well, uh, we’re going to have to leave it there,” Bream concluded.

Watch the video below, via Fox News.

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