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Watch Don Jr. Die Inside When Fox Host Breaks The News That ‘Biden Is Leading’



President Donald Trump elder son, Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Fox News on Sunday and he was greeted with the news that his father is losing to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in polls across the country. He didn’t take it well.

“There are polls that have Biden tied with Trump or actually leading Trump,” Fox News host Maria Bartiromo explained to the president’s son on Sunday.

After Donald Trump Jr. ignored the thrust of her question, Bartiromo pressed again.

“What does the president need to get these numbers up?” the Fox News host wondered. “Are you buying these polls? It looks like one after the next, it’s a real tight race and in many cases Biden is leading the president.”

“Well, listen,” Trump replied. “When you have the media onslaught, where media has just totally abdicated their position to objectively look at both sides, they’re not looking into any of Biden’s past, they’re not looking into any of his history, they’re not looking into his family’s graft. They’re not looking into how insanely soft he’s been on China.”

“So, they want to do whatever they can to keep the American people from actually seeing Biden,” he added. “The media is trying to make sure that no one gets to define Joe Biden, because once he is, you’ll see how terrible this notion could be for America.”

Watch the interview below: