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Watch: Stacy Abrams Schools Meghan McCain After She Claimed Dems Were Causing Election Problems In Georgia



Former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams appeared on “The View” on Thursday to talk about the election problems happening in her state, which wouldn’t be the first time.

Abrams explained that what her state experienced during Tuesday’s election had nothing to do with Republican counties or Democratic counties, but outright corruption at the state level.

But co-host Meghan McCain claimed that Georgia’s election problems are happening in Democratic counties.

That’s when Abrams decided to school the conservative host.

“I want to de-couple a couple of things,” Abrams began. “No. 1, in the state of Georgia, the secretary of state is the election superintendent. It is in the Constitution it is his responsibility to direct, train and oversee the conduct of our elections. We allow counties to do the direct implementation, but it’s the responsibility of the secretary of state, and if there are problems, the secretary of state’s office should have the resources and responsibility to hold them accountable.”

Secondly, she explained that the secretary of state is pushing out a “false narrative” that it was only happening as a result of Democratic leadership.

“Our two most populous counties, Fulton and Gwinnett — Fulton is run by Democrats and Gwinnett is run by Republicans and in both counties, we had to get judicial orders to extend the times to vote,” Abrams continued. “But, let’s also be clear about where the speaker of the House lives. The area he represents. We had Republican counties that also had challenges because the machines weren’t operable.”

She went on to explain that it was every part of the state that experienced issues, it wasn’t isolated to specific parties.

“The reality is your access to democracy shouldn’t depend on your county of residence,” she said. “We know this is also a challenge faced in South Carolina and in Nevada, but Georgia’s collapse and disaster was so large that it has overshadowed everyone. But fundamentally we deserve to have elections that work for everyone. And yes, I believe that we saw a combination of malfeasance which is a continuance of the voter suppression we saw that Brad Raffensperger inherited from Brian Kemp, but it’s also incompetence. And if we don’t solve both of those problems, we’re going to have a national breakdown of our election come November.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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