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Watch: Newsmax Host Tries Not To Laugh As Rudy Giuliani Keeps Exaggerating ‘Backslap’



Rudy Giuliani Newsmax interview

Newsmax host Greg Kelly on Monday had a hard time keeping a straight face during an interview with former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, as they discussed a “backslap” incident at a Staten Island ShopRite.

During the interview, Kelly appeared to dismiss Giuliani’s claims that he was assaulted at the grocery store, where an employee approached the former New York mayor, tapped him on the back, and called him a “scumbag.”

“I’m going to show the people what happened and you tell me, because let me see the video if you don’t mind, uh, this person with the hand on your back, I’ve got to be honest — it doesn’t look that bad,” Kelly told Giuliani. “But I understand that looks can be deceiving.”

After the video was released, the district attorney downgraded charges for employee Daniel Gill to misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault, third-degree menacing, and second-degree harassment.

But Giuliani kept exaggerating the incident, telling Kelly: “Are you watching? So the woman, that woman, uh, gave a statement to the police and the guy hit me so hard that she herself almost fell from the reverberation of it.”

“She’s a city worker,” Giuliani said as Kelly tried hard not to laugh. “There’s a second-grade detective there, that’s the lady who helped me,” Giuliani added, prompting Kelly to chuckle.

“Alright, good, that that makes sense,” Kelly said. “Well, look, I’m sorry you were roughed up.”

Watch the video below:

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