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Watch: ER Doctor Schools Mike Pence After Trump Administration Guts Medicaid



Dr. Rob Davidson, an Emergency Room doctor from Michigan, confronted Vice President Mike Pence when the two ran into each other at a restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa.

The confrontation was recorded on video and has become viral.

In the video, Davidson asked Pence about the recent Trump administration’s move to cut down funding for Medicaid.

Davidson in the video introduced himself before asking Pence, “I am worried about the plans (Trump) talked about last week to maybe cut Medicare, and then the rollout today of cutting Medicaid. I work in one of the poorest counties in Michigan and my patients depend on expanded Medicaid, so how is that going to affect my patients?”

Pence looked confused before saying, “I hadn’t heard about the cuts in Medicaid.”

Davidson wasn’t falling for Pence’s play dumb tactics and asked again, “The head of CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) announced the plan to let states file for waivers so they could get block grants, so that would essentially cut the amount of money going to states. So that would cut federal Medicaid funding. Is that a good idea?”

Pence, like most politicians, tried to divert from the question by talking about the times he was governor of Indiana.

Pence said, “When I was the governor of Indiana, we got a waiver from the Obama administration, it actually allowed us to expand Medicaid coverage in the states.”

Davidson then replied, “I was talking about the president and your administration right now, what they’re doing. Right now, they’re cutting Medicaid… Your administration just announced this, they rolled it out today.”

Take a look at the entire conversation in the video clip below:

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