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War Of Words Between Ted Cruz And Jon Stewart Intensifies And Cruz Is Getting a Beating



John Stewart v Ted Cruz

The war of words between Jon Stewart and Republican Senator Ted Cruz over veterans’ healthcare has intensified, and Cruz is taking a beating.

Stewart on Friday slammed the Texas the Republican, accusing him of “trying to rally the forces of misinformation to try and kill more vets”.

The contention began after Republican Senators blocked the PACT Act, introduced to provide healthcare for millions of military veterans exposed to toxic burn pits during their service, and then got caught on video fist-bumping as they celebrated sinking the bill.

Cruz argued that Democrats altered the bill by switching “$400 billion in discretionary spending to mandatory.”

After the bill failed to pass Stewart, an outspoken supporter of military veterans, scolded Senate Republicans in an expletive-filled speech outside Congress.

Cruz responded to the comedian with a video posted on Twitter, in which he said he would support the bill if a Democrat “accounting gimmick”, which he argued could lead to an additional $400 billion in spending, is removed.

Stewart hit back, tweeting: “Ah dearest Theodore. I do appreciate you and Jesse Watters trying to rally the forces of misinformation to try and kill more vets…but not tonite sweetie.

Stewart then posted a video of his own and proceeded to rain hell on the Republican senator.