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Tucker Carlson Accuses Democrats Of Using Wildfires To Secure Votes In The November Election



Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested on Friday that warnings about climate change by Democratic politicians are like “systemic racism in the sky” and claimed Democratic leaders are using the wildfires in an attempt to secure votes in the upcoming elections.

Carlson’s comments came during a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” about the ongoing wildfires ravaging the U.S. West Coast.

“Climate change, they said, caused these fires. They didn’t explain how exactly that happened. How did climate change do that?” Carlson asked. “In the hands of Democratic politicians, climate change is like systemic racism in the sky. You can’t see it, but rest assured: it’s everywhere and it’s deadly.”

“And like systemic racism, it is your fault,” Carlson continued. “The American middle class did it. They caused climate change. They ate too many hamburgers. They drove too many SUVs, they had too many children.”

However, despite Carlson’s doubt that climate change has led to especially intense fires on the West Coast, fire experts have said that changing global temperatures and recent weather patterns have created conditions for 2020’s fire season to be longer and more explosive than usual.

Watch the segment below: