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Trump’s Legal Team Is ‘Subject To Criminal Perjury Charges’ After Bolton Bombshell: Whistleblower Attorney



After the revelations from the unpublished manuscript of John Bolton’s upcoming book claimed that Donald Trump did want a quid pro quo, many are wondering if the president’s defense team knew anything about Bolton’s allegations and if they made false statements to the Senate.

Now, according to national security attorney Mark Zaid – the attorney representing the whistleblower who made the initial complaint about Trump’s phone call with Ukraine – that someone inside the White House likely knew of Bolton’s allegations.

“At least some members of Trump’s legal team also likely knew of Bolton’s knowledge which, if so, potentially subjects them to criminal perjury charges or legal disciplinary actions for their statements before the Senate,” Zaid wrote.

President Trump vehemently denied the accusations on Monday, writing in a tweet that he “NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens.”

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