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Chris Wallace Tells Fox News Pundit To ‘Get Your Facts Straight’ After She Flat Out Lied About Impeachment



During a Fox News panel discussion over the impeachment trial, things got heated when conservative pundit Katie Pavlich tried to spread falsehoods about how the impeachment process took place during the Bill Clinton impeachment.

Fox News host Chris Wallace quickly shut down Pavlich for trying to lie to the audience.

Pavlich tried to argue that Republicans have a right to block former National Security Adviser John Bolton from testifying because his testimony had not been first heard in the House of Representatives. Pavlich then tried to use the impeachment of Bill Clinton as an example.

“That’s not true, that’s not true,” Wallace interrupted. “They hadn’t all been called in the House… That is just wrong, Katie.”

Wallace reminded Pavlich that many of the witnesses in Clinton’s impeachment had spoken to the Independent Counsel’s investigation and were not directly called to testify in the House.

Pavlich insisted that she had been right but Wallace fired back: “Katie, what you’re saying just isn’t true.”

“The fact of the matter was the whistleblower information was given to the Inspector General, who gave it to the Justice Department and the Justice Department decided not to investigate and that is why it went to the House,” Wallace explained. “So to say in the Clinton investigation, these people who were interviewed by the House — one, they weren’t — and to say that it wasn’t done by the Justice Department… It wasn’t done because the Justice Department refused to carry out the investigation!”

“Get your facts straight!” Wallace added.

Take a look at the debate in the video clip below:

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