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Fox News Guest: Senate Must Ask Obama To Testify In Trump’s Impeachment Trial



Appearing on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Monday, David Avella, chairman of the GOPPAC organization, declared that the Senate must call former President Barack Obama to testify in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial if they vote to hear from witnesses.

Avella’s suggestion came as he addressed claims by former national security adviser John Bolton, who said in his upcoming book that President Donald Trump explicitly tied Ukraine aid to an investigation of Joe Biden.

Republican senators were reportedly blindsided by the revelations, which the White House knew about last month, and are signaling they may call Bolton to testify during the trial — but Avella warned that would come at a cost to Democrats.

“Name another jury in America that gets to pick the process,” Avella said. “Senators are going to get to pick whether they witnesses or not. Let’s just say this — if they do, President Obama, Andrew McCabe, the whistleblower, (Rep. Adam) Schiff, all better clear their schedules, because they ought to be asked to testify.”

Avella did not offer an explanation for calling Obama to testify or suggest what relevant information he might have about Trump’s impeachment.


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