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Trump Was So Unhinged During Phone Call That Gov. Called Security Guard To Listen



Donald Trump

As nationwide protests raged over the police murder of George Floyd, the White House arranged a conference call between then-president Donald Trump and state governors. During the call, Trump became so unhinged that governors thought he was having a “nervous breakdown,” according to excerpts from a new book by the New York Times journalists Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns titled “This Will Not Pass.”

According to the book, Trump demanded that governors crack down on the protests to restore order in their states. But his behavior was so disturbing that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown called her husband into the room to listen.

“You can’t make this sh*t up,” Brown reportedly told her husband, according to the upcoming book.

Citing the book, The Hill reported that Maine governor Democrat Janet Mills said she was so alarmed by Trump’s behavior she called a security guard into the room to listen.

“You gotta sit here and listen to this because I think the president of the United States is having a nervous breakdown or something, and it’s scary,” Mills told the guard, according to the book.

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