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Trump Was ‘Detached From Reality’ And Had No Interest In Real Facts After Election Loss, Bill Barr Says



Bill Barr

Former attorney general Bill Barr told House investigators that, in the aftermath of the 2020 election, then-President Donald Trump had “lost contact with reality” and was not interested in listening to facts, but instead only entertained “crazy stuff” about voting fraud like the “laughable” documentary “2000 mules.”

In recorded testimony, the former Attorney General told the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol that Trump was making increasingly outlandish claims about rigged voting machines and fraudulent vote dumps that the former president claimed were swinging the 2020 election against him.

“And the statements were made very conclusory, like, ‘These machines were designed to engage in fraud,’ or something to that effect. But I didn’t see any supporting information for it,” Barr said in a testimony aired during Monday’s public committee hearing.

“And I was somewhat demoralized because I thought, ‘Boy if he really believes this stuff, he has lost contact with — he’s become detached from reality, if he really believes this stuff,’” Barr continued.

During his testimony, Barr repeatedly dismissed Trump’s claims of fraud as “bullshit,” “nonsense” and “crazy stuff.” But he told the panel Trump did not show an interest “in what the actual facts were.”

“My opinion then and my opinion now is that the election was not stolen by fraud. And I haven’t seen any since the election that changes my mind on that,” Barr said.

Barr resigned in December 2020 after he had publicly broken with Trump and said he’d found no evidence of widespread fraud in the election.