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Trump Warns Of Political Violence In New Supreme Court Filing In Attempt To Sway Decision



Former president Donald Trump has amplified his rhetoric amid his legal battle to return to the White House. (Archive)
Former president Donald Trump has amplified his rhetoric amid his legal battle to return to the White House. (Archive)

In brazen legal maneuver, former President Donald Trump has filed court documents, accompanied by warnings of potential “chaos and bedlam” if he is excluded from the Colorado ballot. The threatening language used by Trump is raising eyebrows, with many interpreting it as an attempt to sway the court’s decision in his favor.

Trump, facing the possibility of being excluded from the Colorado ballot due to his alleged connection to the Capitol violence on Jan. 6, 2021, is urging the Supreme Court to swiftly intervene in the ongoing efforts to disqualify him from the presidential ballot, asserting that such efforts could disenfranchise millions of Americans.

His filing, strategically timed ahead of the Feb. 8 oral arguments, emphasizes the urgent need for a “swift and decisive end” to the disqualification attempts.

The former president, who has been engaged in civil trials for business fraud and defamation, has not confirmed his attendance at the oral arguments, where he would face three justices he appointed.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s recent ruling, in a tight 4-3 split decision, determined that Trump is ineligible for another term and should be barred from the state’s primary ballot. This decision, based on a provision in the 14th Amendment, is now under appeal, along with a similar ruling in Maine.

The news takes an intriguing turn as different states reach divergent conclusions on Trump’s eligibility. California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, a Democrat, has openly expressed her intention to include Trump on her state’s primary ballot. Meanwhile, Supreme courts in Michigan and Minnesota have ruled in favor of Trump remaining on the ballots in those states.

Trump’s legal arguments, asserting that the insurrection provision of the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to former presidents, are now being closely scrutinized. Critics argue that Trump’s warnings of potential chaos in his court filing might be a calculated move to influence the Supreme Court’s decision in his favor, adding a political twist to the unfolding legal drama.