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Internet Reacts After Trump Gets ‘Friend-Zoned’ by Melania at Her Mother’s Funeral



Donald Trump and his wife Melania at her mother's funeral.
Donald Trump and his wife Melania at her mother's funeral. (Screenshot)

Former President Donald Trump faced an avalanche of mockery after he and Melania opted for separate cars after his mother-in-law’s funeral. In a viral video, Melania, with a mysterious exchange of words, hopped into one car, leaving Trump to follow suit in another.

Liberal activist Ron Filipowski captured the moment, sparking a wave of speculation. He even caught Melania’s apparent cold stare at Trump before driving off.

In a witty twist, influencer Travis Allen quipped, “Imagine getting friendzoned by your wife.”

Melania’s impromptu decision to ride solo caught the attention of X user Lyle Scout, who suggested it happened on the spur of the moment, leaving Trump waiting by the vehicle.

Cybersecurity expert Carla Nicol connected the dots to the E. Jean Carroll trial, speculating, “No hug or kiss goodbye. Could be Melania was unhappy he was rage tweeting about a woman he sexually abused during the whole service?”

Journalist Roland S. Martin provided a blunt take, suggesting Melania “detests him so much she won’t even ride with his a–.”

Even Cranford, New Jersey deputy mayor Terrance Curran chimed in, asserting that Melania’s choice spoke volumes. “Those closest to him know the truth,” Curran wrote. “He’s not a good person and certainly doesn’t care about anyone else but himself.” Social media, once again, becomes the arena for decoding political dynamics.