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Trump Wanted Person Who Revealed He Fled To Bunker During Protests ‘Executed’: Former Adviser



Former president Donald Trump and former aide Alyssa Farah Griffin.
Former president Donald Trump and former aide Alyssa Farah Griffin. (Photos via archive)

Alyssa Farah Griffin, former Trump adviser and co-host on ‘The View,’ revealed on Tuesday that in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder in May 2020, she witnessed a disturbing remark from the former president.

Recounting her experience during a White House meeting just before her resignation in December 2020, Griffin claimed that Trump, suspecting a leak about his retreat to the bunker during the George Floyd protests, stated, “Whoever did that should be executed.”

Following protests outside the White House over Floyd’s death, a White House official and law enforcement source informed CNN that Trump, along with the First Lady and their son, sought shelter in the underground bunker. Despite Trump later downplaying the duration and purpose of his stay, Farah Griffin —who Farah Griffin, who resigned as Donald Trump’s communications director in December 2020— used this alleged incident to underscore the dangers of Trump’s rhetoric, cautioning against underestimating the potential consequences of a second Trump presidency.

“I will not vote for Donald Trump. And I think that should be a pretty easy thing to say. If you thought the first term of Trump was bad, buckle up.” she said. “Liz Cheney said we’re sleepwalking into dictatorship. I say we’re careening into it. Donald Trump told us what to expect in a second term and we need to listen to it.”

She highlighted Trump’s purported intentions to exploit the federal government, firing experienced and non-partisan civil servants while staffing the government with loyalists. In her view, understanding and heeding Trump’s stated plans for a second term is crucial, as the constraints of the first term, such as unfamiliarity with the federal government and the need for re-election, would no longer apply.

“Donald Trump is telling us what he’s going to do in a second term, and we need to listen to it,” she continued. “The first term, a lot of the worst instincts were stifled by two things: him not knowing how the hell the federal government works and people saying, ‘Yo, you gotta run for re-election.’

“Those things are not the case in a second election,” Farah Griffin continued. “He knows how to weaponize the federal government. He’s planning to fire civil servants with expertise and non-partisan people [and] staff the government with loyalists.”

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