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Trump Rages Over Lincoln Project Video Calling Him ‘Feeble’



Former president Donald Trump
Former president Donald Trump (Screenshot)

In a raging social media post, Donald Trump is leveling accusations against his conservative adversaries, alleging a concerted effort to deploy artificial intelligence (A.I.) videos to make him look bad.

The latest target of Trump’s ire is a video titled “Feeble,” released by The Lincoln Project on Monday, swiftly dismissed by the twice-impeached former president as “fake.”

Taking to TruthSocial, Trump slammed The Lincoln Project and others, claiming they’re using A.I. in deceptive television commercials to paint him in a negative light, challenging Fox News to refrain from airing these ads. He argued that networks like CNN and MSDNC won’t run negative ads on Biden, branding them as de facto campaign contributors to the Democrats.

“The perverts and losers at the failed and once disbanded Lincoln Project, and others, are using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in their Fake television commercials in order to make me look as bad and pathetic as Crooked Joe Biden, not an easy thing to do,” Trump wrote on TruthSocial. “Fox News shouldn’t run these ads, just as low ratings CNN & MSDNC will not, under any circumstances, run negative ads on Biden or the Democrats. They are, after all, in-kind campaign contributors to the Dems!”

The one-minute video, a meticulously crafted takedown by The Lincoln Project, showcases a montage of Trump’s missteps both during and post-White House tenure.

Comprising GOP and former GOP critics of Trump, The Lincoln Project suggests the candidate challenging President Joe Biden is “weak” and “unsteady.”

The video, featuring a female narrator, scrutinizes Trump’s verbal struggles, including mispronunciations and slurred speech, referencing past incidents like a 2020 speech that even elicited laughter from Fox. It questions Trump’s cognitive health, pointing out factual inaccuracies, such as falsely claiming victory over President Barack Obama in the 2016 election. The video also touches on Trump’s mistake regarding the country led by Viktor Orbán and his confusion during a visit to Paradise, California.

While the video refrains from mocking certain incidents, it contrasts Trump with Biden, portraying the former as frail and the latter as “stronger” and “fitter.” The ad emphasizes Biden’s vitality through jogging and biking footage, aiming to underscore the juxtaposition between the two leaders.

While the video refrains from mocking incidents like Trump’s toilet paper mishap, it contrasts him with Biden, portraying Trump as frail and Biden as “stronger” and “fitter.” The ad depicts Biden jogging and riding a bike, emphasizing his vitality compared to Trump. The video concludes by highlighting Trump’s isolation and being left behind by Melania Trump.

Despite Trump’s claims, The Lincoln Project affirms that all clips in the video are authentic and not generated by artificial intelligence.