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Trump Using $500 Million Taxpayer Funds To Paint His Wall, Despite Advisers Saying It’s ‘An Unnecessary Burden’



Since Donald Trump never got the wall he promised throughout his campaign that Mexico was supposed to pay for, he now wants to use hundreds of millions of dollars to paint the existing wall to make it look more intimidating to climb.

According to reports, Trump wants to add a “flat black” finish to the existing border to make the steel bars look hotter, and thus making it harder to climb – although, in reality, the bars won’t be any hotter.

The Washington Post reports Trump has ordered contractors to go back and paint the new and replacement wall back. Flat black.

Tump’s “military commanders and border officials believed as recently as last fall that they had finally talked him out of it,” The Post notes. “They consider the black paint unnecessary, costly and a significant long-term maintenance burden, and they left it out of the original U.S. Customs and Border Protection design specifications.”

According to the report, the wall’s new paint job would cost taxpayers at least $500 million.

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