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Trump Supporters Wearing Nazi Flag Masks Tell People They’ll Be Nazis If They Vote For Biden



A couple wearing swastikas as face masks while shopping at a Walmart were confronted this week.

The video begins with the couple at the cash register getting called out for wearing a pro-Nazi symbol.

“You’re sick,” says the man recording the video. “You have an illness. You can’t be American and wear that mask. You cannot. We literally had a war about this.”

“I kill Nazis,” says another man who’s off-camera. “My grandfather did.”

The woman wearing the Nazi mask then claimed that she was showing “what’s gonna happen in America.” The man accompanying her chimes in, saying “we’re living in a totalitarian state.”

“We’re gonna be Nazi Germany — that’s what it’s gonna be like,” the woman adds.

“You’re not getting it — I’m not a Nazi,” the woman later insists. “I’m trying to tell you, if you vote for Biden this is what we’re gonna have.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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