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Trump Supporters Cheer As Speaker Says Democratic Leaders Should Be ‘Shot Dead In The Streets’



A video surfaced this week of a speaker surrounded by a crowd Trump supporters urging Democratic leaders to be “shot dead in the streets” for pushing a so-called “pedophile agenda.”

The video was shot in Salem, Oregon, where supporters of Donald Trump, members of far-right groups Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys, and QAnon conspiracy theorists gathered for a Labor Day rally.

During the clip, the man is seen hitting out at those who called people “crazy” and “homophobic” for speaking out against what he referred to as the “LGBT agenda.”

“The god’s honest truth is the pedophile agenda is being normalized, it is being pushed forward, and I think these Democrat leaders who allowed this to happen need to be shot dead in the streets.”

His remarks were meet with cheers from the crowd.

Take a look at the video footage below:

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