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Trump Supporters Barricade Polling Station In California In Attempt To Suppress Vote: Report



Donald Trump’s supporters have been trying to sway the election the president’s way. On Monday, it was reported that a caravan of Trump supporters made their way to the polls to barricade voters from submitting their ballots.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the caravan paraded for 60 miles through Riverside County before arriving at a Temecula sports park, where throngs of Trump supporters snarled traffic and prevented some voters from reaching the polling station.

“Law enforcement was contacted to ensure that access to the parking lot and voter assistance center were clear,” said Brooke Federico, a spokeswoman for Riverside County. “The Sheriff’s Department responded and cleared access to the parking lot and voter assistance center.”

“They kind of caught us off guard,” said Capt. Zach Hall, of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. “We had a lot of traffic issues. The infrastructure there is not really designed for that kind of traffic.”

Trump has been encouraging his supporters to stand outside polling stations come Election Day.

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