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‘Armed Individuals’ In Oregon Turned Voters Away Without Letting Them Deposit Their Ballot: Report



A new investigation has been launched after it was reported that voters were being intimidated at drop-off stations by “armed individuals.”

According to The Oregonian, authorities are looking into reports of voter intimidation in Springfield, Oregon, after a letter from the legal director of Georgetown University Law Center’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection was sent to multiple media outlets alleging that armed groups turned voters away from a ballot drop box.

“Reports to the Election Protection helpline indicate that voters attempting to deposit their ballots in a drop box at the Lively Park Swim Center were confronted and questioned by groups of armed individuals in military attire blocking their way,” Mary B. McCord wrote. “Some voters turned away without depositing their ballots.”

State police Superintendent Terrie Davie acknowledged the incident in a press conference on Monday, saying, “There was an incident down in Springfield over the weekend.”

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