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Ana Navarro Slams Marco Rubio For Encouraging Attack On Biden Bus: ‘You Shallow Little Hypocrite’



Donald Trump has encouraged his base to do what they can to make sure he gets reelected. Over the weekend, his fans took to the streets in Texas to harrass and attack the Joe Biden campaign bus that was headed to a rally event. The Trump supporters, who were heavily armed, surrounded the bus with their vehicles and slowed it down to just 20mph on the interstate.

During a discussion about the incident, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said was out of the film “Mississippi Burning,” about 1964 Civil Rights workers.

Trump mocked it as an “escort” and called the drivers “patriotic.”

“You really are lucky that you didn’t get anybody killed talking this way, sir,” said Goldberg. “With what I’ve been seeing, his supporters have given me a flashback. And when they talk about,’Oh, we think there’s going to be some issues happening,’ you know, who do they think is going to start this? I haven’t seen Biden flags trapping anybody. Am I crazy when you saw this caravan, did you remind you of a ’50s thing as well?”

All of the women on the panel agreed, but it was Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro who were outright furious by the behavior and that police refused to do anything to stop it.

“I saw the fact that Trump has emboldened bigots and racists to come out from under their rocks,” Hostin said. “Before this anger and hatred existed in the country of course, it was taboo to behave this way. He has emboldened them. He calls them patriots and when you learn more about the incident, you know, these were heavily armed people brandishing weapons in their trucks. They outnumbered police officers, 50 to 1. 50 to 1. Think about that. And I immediately, Whoopi, thought, imagine the outrage from the Trump administration had this been a Black Lives Matter protest, imagine the difference in the reaction, right?”

She noted that Trump’s White House calls the BLM movement terrorists but somehow these Trump supporters are patriots.

Navarro then lashed out at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for also making fun of the attack.

“I can’t believe it’s happening in America in 2020,” she said. “When I saw Marco Rubio last night at this Trump rally, Rubio who president Trump used to refer to as Little Marco Rubio, referred to — has now turned into little Trump. And he took a break from tweeting Bible verses to make fun and mock and make a joke about what people did with this bus. It endangered people’s lives. People could have been hurt. It’s an aggression against democracy. Against people’s rights to vote. It’s suppression. it’s instilling fear in people. It’s absolutely wrong and Marco Rubio, you who talk about socialism and talk about dictatorships to be making fun of this and making light of this, you shallow little hypocrite, I’m so embarrassed I ever supported you!”

Take a look at the discussion below:

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