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Trump Supporter Physically Assaults 84-Year-Old Man Over Biden Yard Sign



A new report revealed this week that an 84-year-old man was allegedly attacked by a supporter of Donald Trump over his Joe Biden yard sign.

Local Ohio Fox 8 reported that 69-year-old Melvin Wallace physically assaulted the 84-year-old over his Biden-Harris sign.

According to the report, the man called 911 after being assaulted by Wallace to explain the incident.

“I had a guy come down here and just kick the living daylights out of me,” the victim said on the 911 call.

“Do you know what it was about, why he did it?” the dispatcher replied.

“Well yes, it was about a political sign,” he explained.

The Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office questioned both the victim and Wallace, and eventually arrested Wallace and charged him with assault.

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