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Battleground Florida Shifts To Biden In Latest Poll



President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are heading to a ‘too close to call’ race in battleground Florida with Biden taking a lead just days before the election.

According to a newly released Monmouth University poll, the former Vice president leads Trump by 5 points among registered voters in the pivotal battleground state the president can’t afford to lose if he hopes to secure a second term.

The poll finds Biden at 50 percent and Trump at 45 percent among the largest pool of registered voters in Florida.

The university also tested likely voters with different turnout scenarios. Among likely voters in a high turnout election, Biden leads by 6 points. In a low turnout scenario, Biden’s lead shrinks to 4 points. Tens of millions of people have already voted across the country and experts expect the high turnout will continue through election day.

Biden leads by less than 1 point in Florida in the RealClearPolitics average. The state has been decided by 1 point or less in the past two elections.

The poll also found a widening gender gap. Biden leads by 23 points among women, compared to Trump’s 15 point advantage among men. Last month, Biden led by 12 points among women and Trump led by 3 points among men.

Among seniors, a big demographic in Florida, Trump leads Biden by 4 points. Biden makes up ground with big leads among younger voters.

Biden leads by 26 points among Latino voters, nearly identical to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 margin. Trump leads by 14 points among whites, down significantly from his 32 point margin in 2016, according to Monmouth.

Despite Biden’s lead in the poll, 49 percent of Floridians expect Trump will win the state, compared to 41 percent who expect Biden will win.


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